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Caring for the poor and the needy, and bringing them to the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.


Making all brethren their brothers’ keeper and Yaba Baptist Church a loving and caring fellowship by meeting the physical needs of the poor and needy through the following means :-

  1. I.      Weekly ministration and prayers
  2. II.      Counseling
  3. III.      Meeting physical needs like food, clothing, household materials e.t.c
  4. IV.      Membership
  5. V.      Rehabilitation and Empowerment


  1. I.      Social Concern Ministry Tuesday Clinic
    The director, a few board members and the workers of the ministry meet  with the needy every Tuesday between 4pm and 6pm for counseling, prayer, distribution of  clothes, food items and other available household goods. Those who have secured approval for monetary assistance are assisted to make purchases of machines, tools, drugs etc. and are monitored to ensure that money approved are reasonably applied


Between 100 and 150 needy persons are received into the church old auditorium on 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month, for ministration and prayer supervised by the mission and evangelism department of the church. Through the Ministration, many needy persons had given their lives to Christ, baptized and joined the membership of the church.


Mega Outreach is a quarterly affair to counsel and identify those of the visitors to the social ministry bimonthly ministration who were prepared to confess Christ , be baptized and later joined the membership of the church.

In an encounter with over 150 persons quarterly by the counseling unit of the church, mission & evangelism unit, assisted by the social concern ministry members and many souls had been won to the Lord Jesus Christ. Rev. S.A. Ajibade the mission & evangelism chairman and the counseling unit prayerfully lead the mega outreach.

The outreach continues to be a blessing to the church of God; the mega outreach also aims to sort out the needy that urgently require assistance.


The social concern ministry on behalf of the Church makes periodic visitation to the sick, aged, bereaved, and victims of disasters, fire outbreak, flooding est. to offer words of encouragement and prayers. Fruits, food items, good clothing and cash are taken along.

The Ministry promptly visits the families of deceased members of the church when information is passed to the ministry to console and render some assistance to the families.


At regular intervals especially during the Easter and yuletide seasons visitation are made to needy homes in Lagos  to minister the word of God and offer gift items, food items, clothing, cash, household items, packed meals and drinks for celebrations. The ministry has visited almost all needy homes around the Lagos metropolis in the past years. Over the years, yuletide seasons are celebrated in the church premises with over 300 persons with foods, drinks and gift items being shared to them all.


The Ministry agrees with an adage that it is more profitable to teach a man to fish than giving fish each time he calls. An elaborate arrangement was made to impact vocational skills to our church members and those who call regularly for assistance. In September 2008, the training outfit- Domestic Technology Concept led by Mrs. Mariam Patrick was invited from Asaba, Delta state to instruct the trainees on techniques of manufacturing domestic, industrial products. Some of the products are bar soaps, toilet soaps, detergents, shoe polish, perfumes, body pomade, candle, bleach, shampoo, liquid soap, fruit drink, snacks, e.t.c

Seventy persons (members and outsiders) were sponsored for the skill acquisition between 2008 and 2010, many of the trainees were given #40,000 each to establish industries and we are pleased to note that many of them are in good business with their ventures, with improved funding many more people will be empowered.

At the end of the training, an exhibition show of the products took place in the church premises and many of them collected certificates of participation at successful completion of the training.


Yaba Baptist church has a functioning social concern ministry that had impacted positively in the lives of our church members and outsiders. Our activities are centered on the alleviation or eradication of poverty among the church members. The “door” of the ministry is open to individuals, churches and other organizations who want to use the ministry for the benefits of their members, for instance,

  1. Dcn A.A Fajobi, a former director of the YBC social concern ministry and chairman of the Nigerian Baptist Convention social ministries board visits churches, associational quarterly meetings and conference to deliver lectures and to create awareness fot the establishment of Social Concern Ministries.
  2. Representative of other churches (Baptist & other denominations) visit our church on Tuesdays to observe our social ministry fellowship and learn our method of running a store, distributing clothes and food, ministering to the spiritual lives of others, and teaching them the benefits of social ministry to the church.
  3. The ministry cooperates with the Nigeria Baptist Convention for the development of the widows’ fellowship by sending delegates and financial assistance to the annual widows’ fellowship hosted in December of every year at Ibadan. The ministry also sent good clothes, food items and money to the victims of Jos crisis in 2008and 2009. And continues to cooperate with the social ministries of the convention for the propagating of the benefit of the ministry among the Nigerian Baptist convention family.


18th December 2007 – SCM committee members celebrated yuletide with inmates of cheshire home for the disabled mushin Lagos State. The ministry presented large quantity of disinfectants, beverages food items and had good time for fellowship.

The Vision

Thanks be to God that we caught the vision of the Board of Deacons and our deliberations and activities had been centered on making Yaba Baptist Church a caring and loving fellowship where brothers are brothers keepers.


The Mission
The Ministry makes efforts to identify the needy, the poor widows, orphans, the aged, the sick, the bereaved, unemployed and demonstrate a concern for them through alleviation of their sufferings and helping them to take advantage of the love of Christ in our midst.

The ministry also reaches out to the unwanted – lepers, social miscreants, prostitutes and attends to their social and spiritual needs to bring them to Christ. (Deut. 14:29). Organizing workshops on self-employment for church members will form an important aspect of the ministry’s responsibility. We realize the fact that service to aliens, strangers, the poor of all categories is service to Christ. We will attend to all who will call at our gate to prove to them that Christ loves them.


Social Concern Ministry
The Ministry makes efforts to identify the needy, the poor widows, orphans, the aged, the sick, the bereaved, unemployed and demonstrate a concern for them through alleviation of their sufferings and helping them to take advantage of the love of Christ in our midst.